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ELEN kitchen star of the "best for children" Youtube channel.

The company ELEN exhibitor "boligmesse" in Drammen, Norway.

Hard work resulted in and let us get a prize for the prettiest booth at the fair! Thank you!

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Elen on We are pleased to inform you about our joining the group of users of the program Bimobject. Examples of models Our implementation are already available for download on the site. Gradually we will expand the base product.


Not only our work, but above all passion is to create tailored solutions. Therefore, a key element prepared for your offer are kitchens, dressing rooms, library and bathroom on the size. Custom furniture, as opposed to system solutions are able to perfectly blend with the design of each room. In addition, also the design of finishing can be completely tailored to individual needs. Bathrooms on request, as well as kitchens, wardrobes and even a library to measure not only the proposals arrangement, but above all an opportunity to introduce solutions to the interior of elegant, functional, very practical help in arranging space. For our clients we are able to take care of the smallest detail. We carefully select the fronts of our projects, as well as we take care of the proper implementation of each project. An excellent example of this is English furniture, wardrobes to order or kitchens to size, that we prepare.

Extremely functional, attractive and durable - just such a practice turn out to be made by us, kitchens on request. Kitchen Furniture to size are the perfect solution for both open spaces and small spaces that require thoughtful solutions. When you decide to work with us you can count on the timely implementation and a well-prepared professional installation implementation.

Deciding on custom furniture (dimension), you can be sure that both the style, the way of finish, color and form of our projects will be carefully prepared answer to your expectations. You can opt for English furniture, subtle and delicate in their finishes, or modern, inspired by minimalism and economy of form. The choice depends on you.

For those for whom the book is not only an invitation to a single reading, but a constant element in the current domestic arrangements, great proposition will prove to be a library on request, made to measure, adapted to the needs of a particular room. They will help in creating unique exposure, and thus facilitate access to favorite books. This furniture look great. They emphasize the character of the interior.

Regardless of whether you want to opt for a shower or bathtub - Bathroom dimension will prove to be a solution that will preserve the full functionality of an arranged room. Made to measure always turn out arrangements tailored, practical and consistent with the style of the apartment. You can also count on the full support of our designers who advise in the selection of appropriate solutions.








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